The Open Door Project, or ODP, is an indie electronica project based out of Queens, New York founded by Aseem Suri (ZYkR) Combining psychedelic rock with its progressive forms and imagery-driven story-telling, with trippy synths and glitchy beats, ODP creates music that walks the fine balance between a bearded rock bar and an IDM club. ODP’s sound is inspired as much by the sound-design and compositions of electronic pioneers ranging from Massive Attack, and Aphex Twin, to rock storytellers such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, and The Beatles. Aseem serves as the primary songwriter, also handling most of the production and visual programming.


ODP performed the first album’s music as a live band comprising a four piece setup with Bass, Guitars, Drums (Live and MIDI triggered), with Aseem performing vocals and handling electronics. Aseem has also performed solo shows as ZYkR, playing ODP’s released and unreleased music.


The songwriting frequently explores the darker themes of our times – some personal, some global, with an emphasis placed on imagery and characterization. The band is constantly inspired by other art forms and often incorporates into their own work, artworks ranging from graphic art and stories in print, to installations and film/visuals in their live shows.


ODP has released a full-length album with graphic art, and short stories called Corridor #32, as well as a 3-song follow-up EP called Melladrine.

Stay tuned for release and show updates.

Also check out the artwork, stories and music from Corridor #32 at:







Aseem Suri: Voice, Electronics, Guitars, Sound-Design, Visuals, Programming.

Daniel Gonzalez: Drums/Electronic Percussion (Mexico)

Achal Murthy: Bass (Luxembourg)

Aleif Hamdan: Guitars (Indonesia)

Dalton Harts: Drums (USA)

Max Harris (Ohr): Visuals, Installation Art (USA)

Nikhil Vasudevan: Drums (India)

Abhishek Mathur: Bass/ Voice (India)

Anindo Bose: Production/Sound (India)

Carl William-Stoodt: Production/Sound (USA)

Sam Harchik: Videographer (USA)

Pranjal Dua: Director of Video (India/USA)

Yu Sasaki :Engineer (USA)

Ishaan Chhabra: Production/Sound (USA/India)

Maxwell Lee - Installation Art, Sculpture (USA)

Heather Blount-Elliot - Movement Art, Dance (USA)

George Gill - Movement Art, Dance (USA)