The Open Door Project is a multimedia setup currently operating out of Boston, MA


The Open Door Project is an interactive multi-sensory experience involving artists from different realms and disciplines creating cohesive conceptual imagery-driven art. Blurring lines between the arts, The Open Door Project is an effort to extend the boundaries of creativity and experience. Combining stories and poetry, lyrics and music, lights and visuals, the narratives flow through soundscapes created using an amalgam of electronic and acoustic instruments, the music being deeply meditated and thoughtfully constructed art rock with heavy electronica and psychedelia influences.   

The philosophy behind the project is the belief that the source of all art is one. The point of inspiration, the muse, the reason we do what we do, comes from one source. To be able to get together and find that common point of inspiration, be in that creative zone together and create. And finally, create that same space live to interact with and involve a fresh set of minds and bodies. That's what the project sets out to achieve. To get to the point where we can communicate with our separate arts and still emote a common thought… That’s the goal. That’s where we’re heading.

In a live setting, the viewer is hand-held on a trip through emotions and challenges common to the human condition. Our live performances try to recreate the moment of inspiration. As a three piece, we involve a lot of live looping, real-time sampling and effects processing, occasionally supplemented by visual mash-ups and video feedback into our sets. The visual aspects of the performance entail abstract interactive performances. Going back to the philosophy behind the project, all creation is done with the aim of communicating and collaborating with each other and with the audience. The project is forever experimenting to find new and intuitive ways of creating and presenting their works - to make the illusion more elusive, the art more magical.

The Open Door Project is a concept to be dived into, an experience to be shared, created through us and through you - malleable at its core. To reach our ‘source’, expose our fears and demons, and embrace through art. It’s a mighty aim but we have our eyes fixed, our visions lucid, and our pens and paintbrushes feverishly working.

Sit Back. Relax. Let Us In.


Current Band Line-Up:
Aseem Suri – Vocals/Guitars/Electronics
Achal Murthy – Bass/Vocals
Daniel Gonzalez – Drums/Vocals/Electronics

Associated members:
Dalton Harts – Drums/Electronics
Max Harris – Visuals

Corridor #32 – 8 songs
Melladrine (EP) – 3 songs