We had a great show!! Lots of energy and good vibes were shared, and lots of old and new friends came by. Not to mention, Aleif really brought it home in his first gig with the project! 

We had decided to not do visuals for this show because of the extremely limited rehearsal time. Donzalez had landed in Boston less than 40 hours before the show, and we managed to squeeze in maybe 6-7 hours of real rehearsal time for this show. In fact 2 of those hours were the morning of the show! We reached for soundcheck at 3pm, and were really happy with how quickly the setup and soundcheck went.
I had totally revamped my setup, using only an Ableton Push, an iPad and a couple of sustain pedals for my entire set. I also re-did the sessions to allow Aleif the freedom to loop (and not loop) when he wished. I will be going over the new setup in detail in an upcoming post, where I'll really delve into the signal flow, as well as how I'm using the Ableton Push to do so much (It's single handedly replaced 3 of my controllers, including a keyboard!) but suffice to say, the new setup was a success!

We played Melladrine, In The Rain, Float Upstream, One Step and Arcane Designs for this show. I was especially excited to play One Step, since this was the first time we were ever playing it live (and also debuting an acoustic guitar on stage haha). The music was well received and a lot of people hung around after to talk, telling us which song they liked or noting down links. The highlight of the night for me, besides the sync-ed bobbing of heads in the audience during Melladrine and Arcane Designs, had to be Achal's 'food for the eyes' comment. While telling the audience about ODP he mentioned how we were a band that was more than the music, and were food for the eyes, without mentioning anything about the visuals, drawing some ooh's from women in the audience. When he realized his faux pas he replied with 'Well, I'm brown like chocolate'. I was guffawing on stage. Really. I was.

After the show we went down to Crazy Dough's for some pizza, some celebration, jokes, hugs, and some beer. Actually, quite a bit of beer.

We will be putting out some pics and videos from the show in the next few weeks. Thanks for listening!